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Vrass has received an urgent call from Urothe Forest. While he would go to great lengths for the girl who sent the message, he may just be out of his depth this time around.

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Chapter 2 end
Chapter 2 end


Hey folks! Just a reminder that the absolute newest pages can be found at


Smackjeeves isn't far behind as far as new pages go, but GlowingRaptor has the very newest pages, concept art, and cool extras.

Also, please support the comic by voting!!



Elysion Age has been on the net for a year now! Thanks so much to all my readers for all your support so far. :D

voting incentive

I now have a voting incentive on topwebcomics.com! If you go on ahead and vote for me, you'll get to see a bit of concept art of Thula. To vote on this site, go to the links section.
When I put up a new incentive, I'll announce it at http://www.glowingraptor.com/elysionage

Thanks in advance to anyone that votes, I really appreciate the support!

May 9th

The next page will be released May 9th!

Also, GlowingRaptor Studio, my main website, just had a grand reopening of sorts! Check it out at www.glowingraptor.com!

The comic is now also hosted on my site!


This smackjeeves site won't be taken down and will still be updated, but things like character info and extras will probably be taken down and moved over there.

April 22nd

New page is up, as well as a link in the links section to kidjutsu, an awesome free collection of free, kid friendly comics!

The next page will go up on April 22nd.

April 13th

Getting ready for fanime, working on two comics and trying to beef up my portfolio to include graphic design is keeping me busy! Which is honestly good, I like being kept busy, and I make certain I will always have time for this comic.

The next page will be available April 13th!

April 2nd

The next page will be posted on April 2nd!


The new page is up, and the next page will be posted in 7 days, on March 24th.

Also, I am going to be at fanime in the artist's alley! If you're going, be sure to come by and say hello, I'll be at tables 175 and 176. I'll be there with Justin. He does the black and white chapter openers and closers, and is an incredibly talented illustrator.

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